From Zero Users to over 2K Active Users Per Month Through Content Marketing

With current search engine algorithms, blogging and copywriting must have a much greater emphasis on quality than on quantity.

Unfortunately, outdated SEO methods will no longer boost your online rating and will often harm it instead.

Shallow content and short blog articles stuffed with keywords will lower your standing on search engine results pages, making your business nearly invisible to potential customers.

To maximize your online rating, our content writers are trained on the most up to date methods for SEO, incorporating current marketing techniques customized to improve your online presence for your specific market.

The Problem

Our client is a medical company serving thousands of monthly patients.

They were looking to improve their regional presence in organic search and use it to acquire new customers.

Most of their previous business came through Facebook ads and referrals.

Our Solution

We began the engagement with a full website audit.

Our recommendations included improving technical SEO for organic search as well as structuring internal pages and linking in a way that improved navigation and searchability.

A content audit identified key pages that needed further development and we provided recommendations that would help drive more traffic to specific service pages. 

That audit resulted in the creation of a new website designed to engage users and drive conversions.

With this foundation set, we could now focus on content marketing to drive traffic to the client’s website.

With the client, we developed an editorial calendar to create and publish posts regularly on the blog, social media, and email engagement.

Our team researched top-trending, relevant medical topics and wrote high-quality content emphasizing our client’s expertise.

Within the first six months, the client gained over 2,000 new users per month, with articles ranking locally and nationally which increased leads by more than 80 percent.

Does your business get over 200 new leads per MONTH?

We Can HELP!

Note: We keep the client's identity confidential in most of these case studies so that we can share actual performance metrics with you.


Nathan Finfrock

CEO - Finfrock Marketing

Over the past fifteen years, I have had the privilege of creating and implementing large marketing and communications strategies for businesses and nonprofit organizations ranging between 1 and 50 million in annual revenue. I’ve developed both digital and traditional marketing strategies managing multi-channel campaigns positively influencing the overall revenue outcome for each organization.



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