Optimizing Your Email Marketing

We craft targeted email campaigns designed to engage and convert recipients.

Through the use of email marketing best practices, you can spread your message to huge numbers of potential customers, while continually refining your strategy based on detailed data analysis.

Newsletters are among the most popular forms of email content marketing.

They provide you with a regular opportunity to engage with prospective customers and increase subscribers, while also providing valuable content designed to build brand authority and encourage commercial action.

Automated email marketing makes it easy to reach vast numbers of consumers via email on a regular basis.

Your content marketing strategist will help you determine who should receive your newsletter, what time, and how best to engage your audience and avoid generic messaging.

Using personas for your website visitors and product buyers, including advanced demographics information and details regarding what stage of the sales funnel the recipient is in, you can count on personalized, targeted and high-quality email newsletters that translate to higher open rates, click-through rates and conversions.

Content marketing strategists will help you dive deep into the goals of your various email campaigns, allowing you to zero in on how much your content marketing strategy is resonating with your target audience and why.

From here, email campaigns can be fine-tuned further to improve results and ensure business goals are being met.

Sample Automated Email:


Nathan Finfrock

CEO - Finfrock Marketing

Over the past fifteen years, I have had the privilege of creating and implementing large marketing and communications strategies for businesses and nonprofit organizations ranging between 1 and 50 million in annual revenue. I’ve developed both digital and traditional marketing strategies managing multi-channel campaigns positively influencing the overall revenue outcome for each organization.

Email: nathan@finfrockdesign.com

Contact: finfrockmarketing.com

Text/Call: (619) 796-3077

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