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Three simple ways to grow your LinkedIn

Try these strategies for building your brand's professional community:

Three simple ways to grow your LinkedIn

Invite your personal connections to follow your Page

Quickly grow followers by asking customers, prospects, and stakeholders in your first-degree personal network to follow your Page.

Ask employees to add your Page to their LinkedIn profile work experience

Every time a connection request is sent to one of your employees, the requestor will be prompted to follow your Page.

Tap into your Community Hashtags

Generate awareness among new audiences by clicking into your Page's Community Hashtags and engaging in the feed.


Nathan Finfrock 

Nathan Finfrock 

Finfrock Marketing - Owner

I have had the privilege of creating and implementing large marketing and communications strategies for businesses and nonprofit organizations ranging between 2 million and 5 billion in annual revenue. I’ve developed both digital and traditional marketing strategies managing multi-channel campaigns positively influencing the overall revenue outcome for each organization.

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